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Whitley Manufacturing is Proud to Invest in the Local Community.

THE HARRISOn mixed-use project completes fort wayne’s harrison square development, the centerpiece of downtown revitalization plans.

the harrison fort wayne

The Harrison (pictured above) is the last phase of the Harrison Square development which includes Parkview Field (home of the Fort Wayne TinCaps) and is a vital component of the city’s downtown revitalization efforts.  The mixed-use development will offer Fort Wayne an upscale urban living option in a one-of-a-kind setting.

the harrison interior

The third and fourth floors of The Harrison (click here to download a brochure) feature forty-four luxury apartments ranging from one to three bedrooms with amazing views into Parkview Field or towards the Fort Wayne downtown skyline.  The first floor features retail and restaurant space with the second floor occupied by commercial offices.  The Harrison (scheduled for completion by February 2013) is the final component of the Harrison Square development which seeks to drive activity and economic growth back into the downtown area.

Despite the poor economy that hampered the initial phases of the project, a new public-private partnership including the owner of Whitley Manufacturing, have backed the project which celebrated a cake-cutting event on January 31st.

The New York Times profiled this unique approach to downtown revitalization in a feature article last year.

the harrison floorplanThe Anderson (a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment) featuring ballpark views over Parkview Field is shown at left.  The full floorplan package can also be downloaded here.

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Wapato SD Science Wing Work Continues!


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Modular Communications + IT Solutions

Modular Communications Buildings + Modular Datacenters.

Accelerated Prefabricated Solutions to Help You Stay Connected.

modular data center modular telecommunications shelterModern modular construction refers to a delivery and construction methodology where self-contained units are manufactured off-site, delivered to the final destination, then combined to comprise the finished building.  A custom builder like Whitley Manufacturing can use this modular construction system to deliver a customized solution for even the most technically challenging applications.

As the IT sector has shifted towards approaches such as cloud computing, flexible, modular communications buildings which can be deployed on an accelerated timeline (not to mention offering the flexibility of future relocation) are becoming increasingly popular.


modular data centerThe Data Center Knowledge Guide to Modular Data Centers defines modular data centers as an “…engineered solution for assembling a data center out of modular components in pre-fabricated solutions that enable scalability and a rapid delivery schedule.”  Modular construction can help to defray the amount of construction capital needed to expand data center capacity, while drastically improving the time to completion.  Factory construction allows modular units to be rigorously engineered to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and the off-site nature of modular construction allows the flexibility to scale capacity and upgrade equipment with minimal disruption to daily operations.  If your company is in need of a modular data center or communications solution, we would love to discuss how modular construction can benefit your company.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other Modular Communications Solutions.


modular telecommunications shelters

Whitley Manufacturing offers a variety of custom modular telecommunications and equipment shelters.  These facilities can be custom designed as three-dimensional modular units, can utilize retrofitted ISO containers, or can be contained in custom fabricated and sized ISO containers.  Telecommunications shelters can be custom outfitted with the client’s preferred equipment and racks and rapidly be deployed to the final site.  Shelters utilizing the ISO envelope can cost-effectively be exported and delivered to sites overseas.  We also manufacture a wide variety of modular steel enclosures and modular equipment shelters.  Sectors served include:

  • Commercial HVAC equipment
  • Communications and IT equipment
  • Commercial water and pumping equipment
  • Shielded vaults (healthcare applications such as MRI and radiotherapy)
  • Water Supply and Waste Storage
  • Explosion Resistant Buildings (offices, restrooms, etc.)
  • Cable Landing Stations


When security is of the essence, Whitley Manufacturing has the experience to deliver SCIF modular buildings for both government and private sector clients.  A definition of a SCIF building:  “SCIF outlines stringent physical security requirements, such as the thickness of doors, the strength of concrete, and the use of alarms and acoustical controls to prevent any eavesdropping within facilities, including by electronic means.  A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility meets official government requirements for a secure area where classified information is handled.  A SCIF can be a room, a building, or even mobile unit enclosed in special panels to prevent information from leaking.  Access is controlled.”

When security is a primary concern, choosing a manufacturer with experience successfully completing SCIF modular building projects is a must.  Contact us to learn more about how our modular buildings can deliver secured information solutions.