Modified ISO Container Provide Military Realistic Urban Training

modified iso containers

Modified ISO Container for Military Urban Training Simulations

A Modified ISO container is a versatile product that works well to prepare this highly trained group; Military Operations in Urban Training (MOUT) at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. Training simulations include a mix of terrain and structures. Most importantly, the buildings need to accurately portray what the soldier will face in the real world, including deployments and contingency operations.

Allied Container Systems worked with Whitley Manufacturing to build the structures from  20′ and 40′ modified ISO container(s) that include realistic facades, such as a military wrap or architectural simulated finishes. The facilities replicate structures such as apartments, market places and prisons.

Modified ISO containers for military urban trainingmodified iso container for military training

The modified ISO container(s) are completely mobile.  Therefore, they can be configured to support training for various pre-deployment operations. From rural village to a larger urban terrain footprint, training exercises are more accurate to what is actually experienced in the field.

modified iso container for military trainingmodified iso container for military trainingmodified iso container for military training


  • Location: Fort McCoy, Wisconsin
  • Structure Type:  Modified ISO Container
  • Structure Size: 160 sq. ft. & 320 sq. ft.
  • Units: 235 modified ISO Containers


  • Unit Size: 20’ and 40’ DP Roof Modified ISO Container
  • 22 GA Galvanneal Walls
  • Painted Interior Walls (non- textured)
  • Painted Ceilings (non- textured)
  • Non Slip Floor Finish
  • Exterior Architectural Stone Finish
  • Painted Roof (non-textured)
  • Breachable Doors 36”X80”
  • Breachable Windows 36”X36”
  • Painted Partition Walls 48”X96”
Exterior Images

Exterior Images

Interior & Details

Interior & Details

More Information

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