AEP Modular Office Building: Wins MBI First Place Award

modular office building wins first place

 Whitley Wins First Place in the MBI 2017 Awards of Distinction

Whitley wins first place in the category of permanent modular office building and shares the honors with Satellite Shelters, Inc.  The category was judged on architectural excellence, technical innovation & sustainability, and cost effectiveness. Read the full review HERE

MBI Awards of Distinction for Permanent Office Building

The Need

A manufactured modular office building was a viable solution for a rapidly expanding business in Bridgman, Michigan.  AEP (American Electric Power) Cook Nuclear Power Plant needed a class A office space for their NEST program (Nuclear Engineering Services & Technology). Because of a very tight deadline, the building had to be set up quickly.  In addition, disruption to nearby business operations had to be kept at a minimum.  Finally, it was equally important that the architecture blend in well and compliment its surrounding buildings.

Key Facts

  • Location: Bridgman, Michigan
  • 2 Story Office Building
  • 36,480 square feet
  • 44 Modules
  • 16 Week construction timeline
  • Minimal disruption to existing businesses
  • Flexible office layout

The Modular Office Building Solution

AEP contacted Satellite Shelters, Inc. and Whitley Manufacturing to take on the challenge. Because of a tight deadline and a restricted work site, modular building was the ideal solution. Taking advantage of off-site construction, the customer would reduce overall time from design to occupancy.

Both the site crew and the manufacturer would work on a concurrent timeline.  While Satellite Shelters worked on site and foundation preparation, Whitley Manufacturing built 44 modules in its factory at South Whitley, Indiana. Once complete, Whitley shipped all the modules to the site. The site crew arranged and stacked each unit to form the 120′ X 165′ building. The new 36,480 square foot modular office building would include thirty individual offices as well as several wide spans, flexible offices.  The open concept works well for conference rooms and common work areas. The design incorporated tactical work spaces, such as “emergency response” and engineering offices.  This configuration provides for large teams that require a flexible layout. In addition, an elevator and two stairwell modules join the two floors.

Modular Success

Whitley Manufacturing’s off-site construction and expedited schedule kept the opening date on schedule. Sixteen weeks after the project got started, 44 modular units arrived on a prepared site, ready to be installed. The modules were quickly stacked by a crane. This helped minimize disruption to current business functions. Once Satellite Shelters had all the units in place, the finishing process would begin. Local construction trades performed the mechanics and utility installations as well as the finishing decors (tiles, carpets, exterior facades, etc.). With time still left on their schedule, AEP’s NEST building was move-in-ready.

For a print version, click here:  Print PDF modular office building assembled on sitemodular office building with large open space interior

First Floor PlanSecond Floor Plan


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