The Benefits of Modular Mechanical Enclosures

Modular Built Mechanical Enclosures

Whitley Manufacturing custom designs and builds mechanical enclosures (equipment shelters) that meet the specifications for a variety of applications. Each enclosure can be custom designed to handle any configuration or function.

Mechanical Enclosure Applications

• Telecommunications Equipment
• IT/Network Equipment
• Processing Equipment
• Pumping Systems
• Boilers
• Chillers
• Generators
• Water/Sewage
• Battery Storage
• Cable Landing Stations

What are the Modular Benefits

Faster  Modular project schedules are often 35% – 50% shorter, reducing time delays and thereby increasing ROI (in comparison to on-site). This is due to a well implimented production process.  Furthermore, if the weather turns bad, the project stays on schedule.

Reduced Waste  Modular builders reduce material waste and costs.  Manufacturers are good at minimizing waste and operating at high efficiency. Scrap from one project gets used on the next project online. Only the smallest scrap gets sent back to be recycled.

Limits Risk  The modular manufacturing process limits the risk of accidents on hazardous job sites. Even the Safety Management in the Construction industry SmartMarket Report, states that 73% of modular builders have a fully inclusive safety program in place compared to 48 percent of non-modular builders.

Mechanical Enclosures Built for Productivity

Whitley builds the enclosure to simplify the equipment installation process. One way to do this is to section off the building in modules. For instance, we ship the base frame (or  skid plate) and the “drop over” lid module (walls and roof) separately. This will make it easier and faster to get all the equipment mounted, plumbing ran and electrical systems integrated without the tight confines of the walls. For convenience, the lid and other components can be shipped at a later time.

Mechanical Enclosure Base Frame

Mechanical Enclosure Base Frame

Mechanical Enclosure Lid Section

Each base frame is engineered and fabricated specifically to fit the layout of the equipment to be installed. The design considers equipment weight and location, integrated utility conduits and spill containment channels. Once the equipment is installed, the lid section containing the walls and roof structure is lowered and fastened to the base. And if a larger building is needed, multiple bases and lids are fastened together.

Mechanical Enclosure with oversized access doors

mechanical enclosures

Mechanical Enclosure with integrated drain chase

High strength materials such as as heavy gauge steel and concrete floors provide the load carrying capacity and fire resistant properties needed. By this, the structure can protect expensive equipment from weather, theft and vandalism. More importantly, noncombustible materials protect nearby buildings and property in the event of a fire. The removable wall and roof section provides easy access to equipment as well as oversized doors provide access points for future maintenance and refurbishing.

READ MORE about Whitley Manufacturing mechanical enclosures and equipment shelters in our case studies.  Download the Mechanical Enclosure Information sheet HERE

Single or Multiple Section Mechanical Enclosures

Single Unit or Multiple Section Enclosures



Building sizes

• Self contained, single unit enclosure
• Multiple section enclosures
• From 8′ X 8′ Shelters
• To 66′ X 200′ Buildings

Unique Benefits

• Skid bases & lids engineered and fabricated specifically for your equipment
• Class A spray foam insulation in floor
• Heavy gauge steel framed walls
• Commercial steel ext. cladding
• Densglass sheathing
• EPDM rubber membrane roof
• Commercial steel door
• EMT wiring
• Controlled costs
• Relocatable
• Optional: Sound attenuating walls, doors, windows are installed and tested.

Markets Served Include

• Communications
• Education
• Government
• Health Care
• Industrial
• IT – Data Bases
• Cable Landing Stations


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