Clear Span Modular Building System Rapidly Expands Shipping Hubs

Modular Building with the Whitley Mfg. UpGrade System

Shipping Company Expands with the Whitley UpGrade Modular Building System

Nashua, NH & Orlando, FL Based Hub – A major shipping company is rapidly expanding in both the Southern and North Atlantic markets. In order to keep up with the
demand, the warehouse & shipping capacity will have to increase. The challenge
in both cases was:

  • Avoid interruption to their regular business activities
  • Operational in weeks, not months
  • Would need to be relocatable
  • Design to local building code requirements

The Modular Built Solution

Modular Building Shipped from South Whitley, IN

Two UpGrade Modules Leave the Factory

To meet the tight schedule, Whitley Manufacturing designed the 20,000 ft² building with its UpGrade product line.  The UpGrade is the industry’s most unique and versatile construction product on the market. It’s a clear span module with a high ceiling (up to 24 ft), that can be delivered on-site as one component.  It achieves this by a patented design that hinges the walls and roof together and folds up to be delivered on a flatbed trailer. A trailer can ship up to 3 units at a time, reducing shipping costs. But, the UpGrade is best known for its fast set-up time with only a small work crew and crane. Setup time can be reduced from months to only days.


It also tears down quickly and can be relocated and set back up for other uses.  The modular building is designed to relocate multiple times without weakening the structure or its precision fit. Because of its low profile design, the building can be disassembled, folded up, and stored until needed at a later date.

Both the Florida project and New Hampshire project required 41 modules built off-site in the Whitley factories in Leola, Pennsylvania and South Whitley, Indiana. Most of the utilities, lighting fixtures, electrical, wiring and panels were pre-installed in the factory.  Overhead doors, man doors and insulation were also installed at the factory which dramatically reduced materials and tradesman needed on-site.  This was key to keeping the business running without interruptions.

20,000 Ft² | 41 Modules | 4 Days

modular building UpGrade clear span crane set

Crane Set UpGrade Module

Once delivered, the modules were crane lifted, allowing the end walls to fold out into position. Each module gets bolted down to the slab and mate-lines were closed up and finished. The equipment was installed after the building was set. But, this is not always the case.  Equipment can be installed prior to the building going up and the modules installed over top of the equipment. It’s one more feature that promotes concurrent activities and resource allocation to eliminate delays in the project.  In this case, only four days passed from a bare concrete slab, to a finished, weather tight building (see floor plan below for daily progress).

UpGrade Modular Building System

The UpGrade Modular Benefits

  • Extremely fast set-up time.
  • Can be relocated as many times as needed.
  • Flexible in meeting various building codes across the country.
  • Ceiling heights up to 24 feet.
  • Clear span feature offers design flexibility.
  • Roof pitch options to accommodate your particular requirements.
  • Optional bridge crane installation from the bottom of trusses.
  • Pre-installed lights, heaters, electrical, and other utilities.

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