Modular Building for School Expansion in Kent, Washington

Modular School Building Kent, Washington

Modular School Building Kent, Washington

The Kent School District approved $4.8 million to build a new facility with a unique design for The Outreach Program (TOP). The program prepares special needs students for their future.  It’s a transition service to improve post-school quality of life. Their current facility (built in 1951) is in much need of updates. The 4420 sq. ft. will not provide the room needed for future growth, let alone its current enrollment.

Modular School Building Dormer Set


To Solve this, School Director of Facility services, Fred Long, approached Aries Building Systems, to design and develop a 12,500 square foot permanent structure, utilizing an off-site building method.  Kim Neill, Aries Vice President of Major Projects, along with an accomplished Aries team, oversaw the site preparation at the Kent Phoenix Academy, in Kent, Washington.  In the meantime, the modular units were built at Whitley Manufacturing in Marysville.  This approach saved almost 40% of the project timeline and met the critical fall semester deadline.

Modular School Building Features

The new school includes five classrooms, an occupational and physical therapy room, staff work room and a multipurpose room. Students will also learn how to cook in one of two residential kitchens, one of which is handicap accessible.

Modular School Building Crane Set Video

Modular School Building Crane Set

Four modular roof sections are added above the large common area to create vaulted ceilings.  The high ceilings open to a row of clear-story windows, giving plenty of natural light to the wide open space below. See the roof structure installation video HERE.

The program currently serves 44 students and has four certified teachers and 13 paraprofessionals. The additional space in the new facility will provide ample room when it opens this fall and allow the program to grow in the future.

Modular School Building In Kent, Washington

modular school building clear story windowsKEY ACHIEVEMENTS:

•  Modular Construction is faster than conventional building; weeks rather than months
•  2 1/2 times less material waste than traditional building
•  Wide span room for large gatherings and multiple functions
•  Minimal disruption to existing activities
•  Less environmental impact
•  Flexible design for changing needs

Download the case study:


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