Cable Landing Stations Built Offsite Provide Real Solutions


Cable Landing Station on Newfoundland Remote Coastline

Modular Built Cable Landing Station

Whitley Manufacturing  was called upon by American Manufactured Systems and Services (AMSS) to build two highly sophisticated cable landing stations. AMSS installed the modular built shelters on the Newfoundland coastline; one at Cape Broyle and one in Logy Bay.  As they managed the permits, design and installation, Whitley Manufacturing built and tested the system in Leola, Pennsylvania.

The submarine cable industry has had significant growth in 2016 with over 100,000 kilometers of cable laid. According to SubTel Forum (STF Analytics), this year’s surge will out produce the last five years combined (SubTel Forum Inudstry Report, Issue Five). Those numbers are expected to continue throughout 2017 & 2018. And, with the majority of intercontinental Internet traffic traveling by submarine cables, people and organizations depend on them for instant connectivity worldwide.

Much of the growth is directly related to the explosion of cloud services and mobile devices. Because of the Increasing demand for the cloud data storage, rich content and real-time access, the current system will need updates. Furthermore, that demand is expected to double every two years. So, to increase access and expand data traffic cable landing stations are  increasingly popping up around the globe.

Key Challenges and Solutions

There were a few key challenges for these equipment shelters. First, the shoreline is a harsh, caustic environment for most materials to withstand. Second, the interior space is under tough conditions as well, with fluctuating temperatures that can damage sensitive equipment. And finally, in the case of Newfoundland, getting needed construction crews and materials to a remote site with a rugged terrain is limited. So, building and performance testing as much off-site as possible was critical.

Modular cable landing station crane set

 To address these issues, Whitley Manufacturing provided the following:

  • A costal corrosion package, including stainless steel doors and hardware.
  • Clean agent fire suppression system installed to protect critical assets.
  • A complete back-up generator system installed and performance tested at the Leola Pennsylvania factory.
  • Wall mounted redundant HVAC system to insure the proper environment.
  • 4” reinforced concrete floor.
  • Noncombustible construction.
  • Fiber cement or exposed aggregate siding for strength & durability.
  • FRP wall & ceiling panels.

picture-004cable landing station backup generatorpicture-007

Once the modules arrived on site, AMSS was able to have everything in place and functioning within seven days.


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