Military Global Communication Shelter

communication shelter with HVAC

U.S. Military Communication Shelter

Each mission critical communication shelter was custom built and factory tested at our Leola, Pennsylvania facility;  ready in 3 months for global deployment by the US military.

American Manufactured Structures and Services (AMSS) was selected to provide global communication systems for the military. Their task on the Communications and Transmission Systems (CTS) contract was to provide design, manufacturing and installation of modular and containerized communication shelters in support of an overall team effort.

AMSS looked to Whitley Manufacturing, a long term partner in the manufacturing of mission critical shelters. Whitley has a history in equipment and communication enclosures with proven leadership in the communications industry sector.

communication shelter security camerascommunication shelter interiorcommunication shelter interior                            Security Cameras           Utility Infrastructure           Security Lights

Throughout a 5 year period, Whitley will produce multiple systems for various purposes. Howerver, this particular project (set of four units) will serve as a satellite communication forward outpost. If required, the structure could be outfitted with ballistic proof materials to survive even the most hostile environments. For that reason, fully welded steel construction throughout provides the rugged build needed to withstand the punishment in most field operations. For additional security, 8 shielded cameras (mounted around the perimeter), provide 24 hour remote surveillance. In addition, a clean agent fire suppression system protect the interior assets.

Key Communication Shelter Features

  • Fully welded steel construction throughout the unit
  • Total turn-key capability from the Whitley factory
  • All systems factory tested and operational prior to shipment
  • Full steel enclosure with security and clean agent system installed
  • 4 Units complete and operational from start of design in 3 months
  • Ballistic resistant materials and roof detonation shields

communications shelter  painted steel communication sheltercommunication shelter delivered on flat bed trailer                          Welded Throughout             Custom Design            3 Months to Complete

In 3 months, the project was complete and ready for deployment. And with more orders coming, no two are likely to be the same. “This product is so versatile,” added Joe Dippolito, General Manager for Whitley Manufacturing, PA. “It has endless accommodations based on the design given to us. And we have the capability and technical expertise to build everything from a basic enclosure to a total fit-out, done right here at our factory.”

More Information about communication shelters

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