The UpGrade Clear Span Modular Building


clear span modular building


An Odessa, Texas shipping company is growing and their warehouse facility needs to adjust to changing demand. To employ its current warehouse functions, the addition will need to tie-in with the existing building. The challenge is to avoid interruption with regular business activities and to have it operational in weeks.  It wasn’t certain if a clear span modular building would address these considerations.


Partnering with USA Modular, Whitley proposed the use of a new series of a clear span modular building called the UpGrade. The UpGrade Modular Building System is a high-quality, modular, steel-framed structure designed for permanent placement, with the unique ability to be physically relocated multiple times if desired.

The end walls of the modules have the ability to fold under, allowing up to 3 modules to be shipped on a single flatbed trailer. Items such as siding, roofing, insulation and electrical systems were pre-installed in the Whitley factory to minimize on-site work. Once the modules arrived on site, a crane was used to lift the modules into place, allowing the end walls to unfold. After the modules were bolted down to the slab and mate-line close-up materials were put in place, the building was ready for equipment installation and finished. Only a matter of a few hours passed from a bare concrete slab, to a finished, weather tight building.clear span modular building

  • PROJECT NAME:  Warehouse expansion
  • LOCATION:  Odessa, tx
  • Project TYPE upgrade expansion system/ warehouse
  • Building SIZE: 2650 sq. ft.
  • Building units: 5 Upgrade Modules
  • Available Options Include: various roof pitches, wide range of utilities, electrical wiring, electrical panels, bridge crane, heaters, wall & roof insulation, man doors, overhead doors and more.

clear span modular building


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