Shipping Co. Expands with Upgrade

The UpGrade Modular Clear Span Building

The UpGrade Modular Clear Span Building

A major shipping company is projecting significant growth in their services due to increased e-commerce activity. Therefore, they need to rapidly expand their shipping capacity. They require a new facility for an additional package-sorting hub. And with the acquisition of new land, there’s an opportunity for future expansion. But, the biggest challenge – it needs to be operational in less a few months.

Whitley proposed its industrial, modular clear span building called the “UpGrade.” With its proprietary structural system, the wall and roof components are hinged together as one unit, making set-up extremely fast and cost effective. The end walls can fold up, allowing 2 to 3 modules to be shipped on a single flatbed trailer, reducing freight costs. Siding, insulation, and electrical systems are pre-installed at the factory, minimizing on-site work. Once the modules arrive, they are lifted by crane allowing the end walls to unfold into a vertical position. Within days, all the modules are set, fastened to the concrete slab, and mate-lines are closed in by the finishing crew.

The UpGrade Modular Clear Span Building Features:

  • Total floor space over  22,000 sq. ft. building
  • Building operational in weeks.
  • UpGrade maximum configuration per unit: 12’w X 66’l X 24′ h
  • Much Faster than conventional building; weeks rather than months

For More UpGrade Building Information

UpGrade Modular Clear Span Building Video



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