Disaster Recovery Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings for Disaster Recovery

Case study:  gustavus adolphus university

modular dormitoryGustavus Adolphus University was founded in 1862 with strong Swedish and Lutheran heritage.  The school is a highly selective, private, coeducational residential liberal arts college.  The college is guided by five core values:  community, excellence, faith, justice, and service.

In light of the storm damage and disasters afflicting the Midwest, Whitley Manufacturing would like to share a past modular construction disaster recovery story with a happy ending.

On March 29, 1998, a tornado struck the campus of Gustavus Adolphus and the town of Saint Peter.  As the tornado swept across campus, it caused at least some damage to all 59 campus buildings with total damage estimates in excess of $52M.

Whitley Manufacturing was proud to assist the school in their time of need by joining the “Rebuilding a Greater Gustavus” recovery effort, constructing a modular student housing facility for the school.  WM built Prairie View Hall for the school, utilizing our accelerated modular construction system, to deliver the finished project by the start of the next year (project timeline from early April through August).

The modular dormitory houses 54 students in double occupancy rooms arranged along common corridors.

Modular Student Housing Case Studies

Modular Buildings for Disaster Recovery


Modular Buildings for Disaster Recovery

Modular Buildings for Disaster Recovery

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As even more severe weather strikes the Midwest, the thoughts of everyone at Whitley Manufacturing are with our fellow-Hoosiers and Midwesterners who have been so dramatically effected by last week’s severe and unseasonable storms.

A pair of Southern Indiana communities suffered heavy damage in addition to the losses already suffered by victims throughout the region.  The National Weather Service states that the tornado that struck New Pekin measured a EF-3 on the Fujita scale, while the tornado which struck Henryville, IN measured EF-4 with winds of 175 MPH.

As our neighbors shift their focus from rescue to recovery, Whitley Manufacturing is proud to stand ready to support the disaster recovery with our line of relocatable modular buildings produced with our sustainable construction system.

Modular construction from Whitley Manufacturing can deliver flexible and high-quality commercial space on an accelerated timeline, allowing for a quick recovery and a well-supported clean-up effort.


We currently have a number of our flexible clearspan modular building components available for rapid delivery.  These flexible units feature clearspan construction, allowing for endless reconfiguration of the building and interior layout.  See our full inventory of modular buildings available for rapid delivery.

Whitley Manufacturing is a custom manufacturer of commercial modular buildings, and as such, can work with you, your architect, your town planner, etc. to design and build facilities to suit your individual needs.

Other Modular Buildings for Disaster Recovery:


Wapato SD Science Wing Work Continues!


This gallery contains 19 photos.

Construction of the modular Science Wing at Wapato School District in Washington continues.  The gallery above shows the modular building process from construction of wall and roof sections through delivery of modular units to the project site.  The project is … Continue reading


Modular Communications + IT Solutions

Modular Communications Buildings + Modular Datacenters.

Accelerated Prefabricated Solutions to Help You Stay Connected.

modular data center modular telecommunications shelterModern modular construction refers to a delivery and construction methodology where self-contained units are manufactured off-site, delivered to the final destination, then combined to comprise the finished building.  A custom builder like Whitley Manufacturing can use this modular construction system to deliver a customized solution for even the most technically challenging applications.

As the IT sector has shifted towards approaches such as cloud computing, flexible, modular communications buildings which can be deployed on an accelerated timeline (not to mention offering the flexibility of future relocation) are becoming increasingly popular.


modular data centerThe Data Center Knowledge Guide to Modular Data Centers defines modular data centers as an “…engineered solution for assembling a data center out of modular components in pre-fabricated solutions that enable scalability and a rapid delivery schedule.”  Modular construction can help to defray the amount of construction capital needed to expand data center capacity, while drastically improving the time to completion.  Factory construction allows modular units to be rigorously engineered to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and the off-site nature of modular construction allows the flexibility to scale capacity and upgrade equipment with minimal disruption to daily operations.  If your company is in need of a modular data center or communications solution, we would love to discuss how modular construction can benefit your company.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other Modular Communications Solutions.


modular telecommunications shelters

Whitley Manufacturing offers a variety of custom modular telecommunications and equipment shelters.  These facilities can be custom designed as three-dimensional modular units, can utilize retrofitted ISO containers, or can be contained in custom fabricated and sized ISO containers.  Telecommunications shelters can be custom outfitted with the client’s preferred equipment and racks and rapidly be deployed to the final site.  Shelters utilizing the ISO envelope can cost-effectively be exported and delivered to sites overseas.  We also manufacture a wide variety of modular steel enclosures and modular equipment shelters.  Sectors served include:

  • Commercial HVAC equipment
  • Communications and IT equipment
  • Commercial water and pumping equipment
  • Shielded vaults (healthcare applications such as MRI and radiotherapy)
  • Water Supply and Waste Storage
  • Explosion Resistant Buildings (offices, restrooms, etc.)
  • Cable Landing Stations


When security is of the essence, Whitley Manufacturing has the experience to deliver SCIF modular buildings for both government and private sector clients.  A definition of a SCIF building:  “SCIF outlines stringent physical security requirements, such as the thickness of doors, the strength of concrete, and the use of alarms and acoustical controls to prevent any eavesdropping within facilities, including by electronic means.  A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility meets official government requirements for a secure area where classified information is handled.  A SCIF can be a room, a building, or even mobile unit enclosed in special panels to prevent information from leaking.  Access is controlled.”

When security is a primary concern, choosing a manufacturer with experience successfully completing SCIF modular building projects is a must.  Contact us to learn more about how our modular buildings can deliver secured information solutions.