Modular Charter School Awards

Modular Charter Schools

Whitley Manufacturing is proud to announce that we were recently selected as the recipient of two Awards of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute honoring a pair of modular charter school buildings.

modular charter school

Cambridge Lakes Learning Center (CLLC) wins First Place for Permanent Education Facilities Over 10,000 SFT.  

modular charter school








Old Redford Academy wins Honorable Mention for Permanent Education Facilities Over 10,000 SFT.

These Awards make clear the dawning realization that modular buildings offer distinct advantages to both charter schools and public schools by providing sustainable and durable commercial space, all delivered on an accelerated timeline.  The flexibility of modular construction allows schools to create ‘scalable’ buildings with the option for future relocation or addition.

Read the Case Study on CLLC’s Modular Charter School Campus.

Read the Case Study on Old Redford’s Modular Charter School Addition.


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