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Case Study:  Office Complex (30,000 sft)

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About Undi Properties.

Undi Properties is a major Seattle, Washington -area land development company with roots and experience in the modular construction industry. The company is very active in the busy Seattle-area real estate market. Undi Properties owner, Roland Undi, is a pioneer in the construction and development industries in the Great Northwest and one of the region's leading entrepreneurs.

Their Need.

The area surrounding the proposed building site is part of a major environmental clean-up project at the site of what was formerly Handord Nuclear Plant. The clean-up effort is expected to span well over a decade before nearing completion. Hundreds of contractors required space for offices to manage these long-term projects, however the nearest office park was many miles distant and inconvenient in relation to the site. Undi Properties struck quickly, purchasing land in the vicinity and moving swiftly to market, hoping to secure a majority of the contractors seeking space. The office needed to be aesthetically pleasing in order to attract renters and might be relocated and re-purposed at the end of the clean-up project in 10-15 years.

Our Solution.

Whitley-Evergreen (of Marysville, Washington) constructed a number of modules (individual building sections) to "temporarily" located near the clean-up site, with an expected use period of 10-15 years. Construction of the modules began before ground had even been broken for foundations and the modules were set within 45 days. The building required 15 more days for final finishing and site development and the office complex was open for occupancy a mere 60 days from the project's start. The pace of construction and development allowed for Undi Properties to open and begin operations in their facility many months before the competition even neared completion. This accelerated timeline allowed Undi Properties to quickly recoup their construction investment and begin earning revenues (as well as delivering them a significant majority of the area's market share).


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