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Our Basic Door Hardware is a knob latch. It is available in keyed entry (keyed), a button lock on one knob only (privacy), or without locks (passage). Our standard color is matte chrome.

Our Door Hardware First Upgrade is a lever-set. Again, it can function as a passage, privacy, and a keyed lock. Our standard color is matte chrome. Additionally it is available in configurations for a classroom (lockable from the hallway side, only), storage room, office (keyed from both sides), and dummy (without locks). Of course each one of these functions meet ADA requirements.

Panic Hardware is essential for larger buildings. It is typically used in facilities with more than 50 occupants, on classroom doors, fire-rated stairwells, or anywhere that “life safety” may be an issue. Panic Hardware is available in “rim” type and “vertical rod” systems. Exterior latch choices include a wing pull, lever, or thumb latch. A pull handle is also available which will not open a locked door.

Hinges are available in three basic styles: a basic surface-mounted hinge which is typically used on light hollow core doors; a mortised residential grade hinge for superior hollow core doors; and a ball bearing mortised hinged for solid core doors. Matte chrome finish is standard on all hinges, as well as other door hardware. For extremely high traffic areas a roton hinge will be the answer. This is an extremely heavy-duty product that runs the full length of the door.

Automatic Closures are a must for any door that carries a fire rating or is very heavy. Whitley is proud to supply two basic options. Spring hinges, or hydraulic closures. Either option provides security and functionality.

Two styles of doorstops are standard. The basic model is a wall mounted bumper that is used on wood paneled walls. The second type is a floor mount pedestal stop that will insure your buildings new walls are never subject to abuse.

Windows are a fine addition to any door. Whitley offers many different styles of view lights to give your doors a special look. Small square windows are basic, usually measuring 10”x10”. Standard upgrades include narrow windows (4”x24”) and half glass doors. For sales centers, real estate offices and other buildings for the public Whitley offers 15-light and 9-light window configurations.

If security is an issue Whitley buildings are available with a wide range of security screens, burglar bars, and deadbolts to meet your needs.

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