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Whitley Structural Options - Modular Construction

Modular building construction generally falls within categories defined by the nationally recognized model building codes. Those categories are either wood frame (BOCA classification 5A and 5B) or Non-combustible (BOCA classification 2A, 2B and 2C) construction.

A building is defined and categorized by its use, area, height, number of stories above grade, and other relevant data.

Non combustible construction is further defined by the materials utilized for its primary structural elements such as exterior walls, columns, beams, floor and roof framing. Each of these elements must be constructed of approved non-combustible materials that are allowed by the code. In modular construction these materials are usually steel, combined with other materials, such as concrete, cement board, or other approved materials. In some cases, wood is allowed for certain elements depending on its use and protective treatments.

Boca clasification 5A and 5B
(Non combustible)
Boca clasification 2A, 2B, and 2C

Wall Framing
Steel Studs

Framing Walls & Partitions
Poured Concrete

Crane Setting on Block Foundation
Crane Setting Steel Building

Lutheran College Addition
Nashville Airport Addition


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