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Modular Building Institute
Whitley Manufacturing is a proud member of the Modular Building Institute.
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Modular Building Institute
Whitley Manufacturing is a proud member of the Modular Building Institute.


Wood Frame Construction


Wood frame construction of modular buildings utilizes a high quality wood structural system that meets or exceeds your state's commercial building codes.

Whitley Manufacturing's wood frame modular buildings and our accelerated construction system allow our customers to respond to changing markets and needs with speed and flexibility with modular buildings customized to your needs.

Steel Frame Modular Building


Whitley Manufacturing is uniquely suited to offer our customers steel frame and non-combustible modular buildings.  Our in-house steel fabrication shop can custom weld structural elements to meet your specifications, required strengths and sizes for any modular building project.

A variety of cementious floor materials are available for your steel frame modular building, including our high-strength 3" lightweight poured concrete system.

Slab on Grade Modular Building


The AtGGrade slab on Grade modular buildings offers a unique hybrid of accelerated modular and conventional building systems.

A slab foundation is poured at grade level on-site.  While this work is underway, the modular building is prefabricated off-site.  Units may be substantially completed or prepared for site-applied finishes.

Modular buildings can be constructed from a mixture of this and other construction types.

Clearspan Modular Building


Our clearspan modular buildings utilize a unique roof structure that spans the length of the building without additional support.  As a result, Whitley Clearspan Modular Buildings have no load bearing interior walls.

This offers you the complete flexibility to customize an interior floorplan for your modular building.  Design open office or classroom space without unsightly and inconvenient support columns.  Clearspan Modular Buildings are economical and time-saving options.

High-Ceiling Clearspan Modular Building


The UpGrade modular buildings are a unique product available only from Whitley Manufacturing.  Even a large building can be installed and enclosed within a day using our patented hinge system.

With clear ceiling heights of over 20' and clear spans of 60', we are challenging the conception of modular buildings.  Perfect for gymnasiums, auditoriums, warehouses, cafeterias and storage.

Modular Steel Enclosure


Steel enclosures and steel modular buildings are custom built to shelter and protect a variety of valuable equipment.  Our enclosures can be custom fabricated to specification for your needs.  Shielding from machine emissions (radiation, radio frequencies) can also be provided.

A steel enclosure from Whitley Manufacturing is a logical investment to protect valuable equipment and technology.

Panelized Modular Building


Panelized buildings are prefabricated off-site as separate components (wall or roof sections), then transported to the site and finished.

Panelized buildings can offer some of the same benefits as modular construction:  controlled construction costs and an accelerated timeline.

Panelized sections are often used in conjunction with other types of modular construction.