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Sophisticated Heating System in Stimulating Surroundings

We are proud of two schools we have recently constructed for New Jersey.

In both schools, we installed a boiler/chiller, heater/air conditioning plants. Pictured center left, the two "four-pipe" systems are so sophisticated that they can provide chilled air individually to each room in the building, year round, or heated air. The boiler systems were installed here in Indiana during general construction of the buildings. The four-pipe systems allow for two simultaneously operating closed "acclimatizing" loops, carrying either hot or chilled water past blowers into classrooms and offices. Should one side of the building be cooking from a sweltering summer sun simply turn on the chiller and the room feels cooler. The rooms across the hall might be under the shade of one of those spreading chestnut trees, so they may not require chilled air, but instead might need a few heating degrees. Turn on the warmth from the boiler and everyone in the building can be at a comfortable 72 degrees. The reverse can be true for the winter. The four-pipe system can deliver the right temperature year-round to rooms with vastly different climate change needs.

Both schools were shipped from Indiana to Newark, New Jersey. One building comprised 13,000 square feet within 19 modules. The larger school uses 31 modules to cover 19,000 square feet.

Both buildings feature custom designed doors and windows. We are pretty sure the little tykes who are just starting their educations could not ask for more comfortable nor more stimulating surroundings.

The buildings were built for In Roads Mobile Modular, a major distributor of school buildings and school services, and the project was managed by Axis Modular Systems.

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