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* Whitley Manufacturing was founded as a commercial modular manufacturer in 1970 and has been under current independent ownership since 1993.

* The company is recognized as a leader and innovator in our industry. Whitley is the leading winner of awards for design and construction of commercial buildings from the Modular Building Institute, our industry's international trade association.

* The demand for Whitley Buildings has prompted growth from one manufacturing location in 1993 to three locations in 2003, along with a new full-service construction division. Whitley has a complete design department on staff. We work closely with all state and local building officials.

* All building plans are reviewed by a nationally recognized and independent third party engineering agency prior to construction. Manufacture of each Whitley building is also monitored by the same agency.

* All Whitley buildings fully comply with all state and local building codes.

* Whitley has substantial financial strength and enjoys an A+ bond rating. We are fully prepared to provide bonding on the project should it be required by the customer.

* Whitley builds structures up to four stories high and 100,000 square feet. These projects are installed nationally. We have produced over 35,000 units, so far.

* Whitley has never been named in litigation for substandard work on any job.

* The purchasing power that comes from having four manufacturing plants enables Whitley to provide high quality name brand products to its clients at very reasonable costs.

* Buildings that Whitley constructs and installs are backed by a two-year warranty. Many of the building components used provide longer warranties, which of course are passed on to the customer.

* Whitley's method of concurrent construction allows us to substantially reduce the project time from concept to completion. While foundations and site preparation are being preformed at the project location, the building is being assembled in our factory. This method of construction does away with most, if not all, weather-related delays that conventional construction companies experience.

* Because most of the work is done in the factory under controlled conditions there is minimum disruption on your site during construction.

* Whitley provides project costs up front with minimal allowances. This means that you know the cost of your project all along. You will not experience change orders from Whitley unless the customer makes a substantial change to the plans.

* Whitley buildings are constructed using conventional building materials. With the proper maintenance (see the Whitley building care guide) Whitley buildings will equal or exceed the service life of conventionally constructed buildings using similar or the identical building materials.

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