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Modular Advantage
Modular Defined

Modular buildings is constructed in sections, like building blocks.

The modules are completed much quicker, are less expensive and are more flexible than conventional construction.

Here’s a comparison of the steps.  The time you can save with modular is breath-taking!

Modular Advantage

Modular Advantage
Conventional Construction Disadvantage
Conventional Construction Disadvantage

The Modular Process

Whether the building is huge or tiny the process is the same: 
  • From a customer’s dream we produce a custom design, then we transfer that design to blueprint and start construction. 
  • Work on the modules can start in our factory before the foundation is poured. That shortens construction time by weeks or months!
  • Modules are trucked to the site.  They are between 80 and 90 percent complete when they arrive. 
  • Cranes lift the modules into position, crews link the units and seal the exterior mate lines. 
  • Interior finish work is quickly completed while outside landscapers add curb appeal.

Our 2004 Indiana Tech Project is a good example of the process!

In late winter 2004 Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne began design discussions with us.  Soon, they gave us a set of rough plans and a purchase order.  We quickly began adapting their plans into the modular system.  Simultaneously we began putting together a team to manage site and  finish work.  Tech wanted the building ready for the first students by July 31, 2004.  We promised success.

In April, site debris was cleared and work quickly began on the foundation.  Meanwhile, design work at our factory was near completion, materials were ordered and construction began.  Unlike “site-built” construction the foundation does not have to be finished before construction starts in the factory. The time savings can be months, perhaps 40% of entire project durations.   In fact, the rough building can be complete before the foundation is ready.

Modules were constructed in our factory in South Whitley.  Modules are engineered to connect with adjacent modules, as well as those above and below.  Modules are engineered so water lines, HVAC, stairwells, power lines, sprinklers and all of the other systems are in place when it leaves the factory.  All systems can then be quickly linked once all the modules are in set.

Trucks transported each module to the site.  Buildings that we engineered to standup to road transportation were more than study enough for day-to-day foot traffic.  Each section was also built with a permanent rubberized roof to keep it dry during transportation and assembly and for future moisture protection.  Despite heavy rains during set up there was no damage to any of our modules and finishing work went right on.

Once the modules are on site they are quickly connected and enclosed to avoid weather damage and uninvited visitors.  Finish work can immediately begin on the outside and inside.  In this case, interior walls received a “Spanish Lace” treatment and a combination of brick and vinyl was applied to the outside.  The roof was built on site, as well.  Stairwells were added and the “commons” on each floor were constructed.

Each week during construction the Whitley leadership team met with Indiana Tech representatives, architects and city officials to resolve any problems and to coordinate the coming week’s steps.  By having a project manager from Whitley on-site attention to detail was insured and the pace of finish work was accelerated.  Whitley coordinated the work of all of the plumbers, carpenters, electricians, HVAC workers and masons during the project to maximize efficiency.

Roofing, final glass work, and attention to a hundred other details are the last items in the process.  Landscaping has progressed all along during the spring and summer with bushes, trees, grass seed and flowers added during the last days of construction.  A retention pond was added to the site to speed drainage.  Sidewalks were replaced

The building was ready on July 31, 2004, only 83 days after the first “shovel” was turned on the site.  The building houses 45 students, provides them with commons on each floor, has a modern kitchen in each of 12 apartments, security systems, video door security for each apartment, a laundry mat, sprinklers, ADA bathrooms, plenty of parking, picnic space outside and attractive landscaping.  Indiana Tech is happy with the building and the City of Fort Wayne points to the redevelopment value of the facility in the central city.
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