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Fort Recovery Press Box

Fort Recovery, Ohio

In the heart of Fort Recovery, Ohio, Whitley Manufacturing has seamlessly blended innovation and functionality in the construction of a striking two-story press box for Fort Recovery High School. Employing their expertise in modular construction, Whitley has delivered a cutting-edge facility that enhances the school's athletic infrastructure. The two-story design not only provides an elevated vantage point for optimal viewing during events but also maximizes space efficiency. The modular construction approach ensures a swift and precise assembly, minimizing disruption to the school environment.

Number of Modules:


Total Square Footage:


Building Features

Each floor, measuring an expansive 30 feet by 8 feet, exemplifies spatial efficiency and thoughtful design, offering an elevated perspective for optimal event coverage. This innovative press box goes beyond the ordinary, boasting a total of five rooms spread across the two stories, catering to the distinct needs of media personnel and game day staff. To elevate the experience further, the inclusion of a roof hatch provides convenient access to a media deck, offering a panoramic view of the sporting events below. Whitley's commitment to delivering tailored solutions is evident in this press box, a fusion of practicality, versatility, and contemporary design, enhancing the athletic facilities at the heart of Fort Recovery High School.


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