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Treatment Center

Plano, Texas


Building Specs

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Project Type: Temporary Medical Center

Project Size: 12,648 SQ. FT.

Number of Units: 15 modules

Key Achievements

- Pre-installed systems tested before arriving on-site

- Fast set-up and operational for immediate patient care

- Can be relocated for re-purposing

RAD Technology Systems Inc., PRO System™

The PRO System™ is a temporary, turnkey, fully shielded, radiation treatment system that can be installed and ready for patient treatment in as little as 2 weeks at your site. The PRO System can be assembled on location with a pre-installed Varian linear accelerator and arrive complete with all acceptance testing and data gathering. For more information see With Whitley Manufacturing constructing the building, the hospital’s new Radiation Treatment Center was installed and operational in a fraction of the typical time required. The ability to offer immediate patient care with a quick return on construction investment all offer a competitive advantage. The modular building also offers the flexibility to easily relocate, expand, or upgrade technologies.

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