Treatment Center

Plano, Texas


Building Specs

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Project Type: Temporary Medical Center

Project Size: 12,648 SQ. FT.

Number of Units: 15 modules

Key Achievements

- Pre-installed systems tested before arriving on-site

- Fast set-up and operational for immediate patient care

- Can be relocated for re-purposing

RAD Technology Systems Inc., PRO System™

The PRO System™ is a temporary, turnkey, fully shielded, radiation treatment system that can be installed and ready for patient treatment in as little as 2 weeks at your site. The PRO System can be assembled on location with a pre-installed Varian linear accelerator and arrive complete with all acceptance testing and data gathering. For more information see www.rad-technology.com. With Whitley Manufacturing constructing the building, the hospital’s new Radiation Treatment Center was installed and operational in a fraction of the typical time required. The ability to offer immediate patient care with a quick return on construction investment all offer a competitive advantage. The modular building also offers the flexibility to easily relocate, expand, or upgrade technologies.