Match Community 

Day Charter School

Hyde Park, Massachusettes


Building Specs

Location: Hyde Park, Massachusetts
Project Type: Permanent Charter School

Project Size: 62,400 SQ. FT.Number of Units: 78 Modules

Key Achievements

- 50% faster than a conventional building.

- Minimal disruption to the school campus.

- Finished with 2 1/2 times less waste than traditional building.

- Steel framing consisted of 72% recycled material.

The Need

Match Charter Public School is an innovative, high-performing free public school in Boston. It is widely recognized for its success in preparing students for college and careers. Match currently includes four campuses which span grades Pre- K through 12. With their achievements, Match is expanding to include an enrollment of 1,250 students. To accommodate, additional classroom space will be needed soon.

The Solution

To develop the classroom buildings needed, modular construction was the obvious choice. Through a collaborative effort, Commodore Builders, Pope Industries, Studio G Architects, and Whitley Manufacturing were able to accelerate the construction process and reduce time and costs. Whitley Manufacturing built two classroom buildings (both two-story) totaling 60,000 sq. ft. (40,000 & 20,000) and a third building, single-story, 2400 sq. ft. gymnasium locker room, with a total of 82 modules. The layout consisted of both traditional classrooms along with smaller, more flexible meeting areas and conference rooms. Off-site modular construction included structural, framing, drywall, insulation, doors, windows, misc. finishes, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical.

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