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Whitley Receives Industry Recognition For Temporary Modular Office Space Project

Whitley Manufacturing announces its industry recognition at the Modular Building Institute's 2020 World of Modular convention in Orlando, Florida for its recent temporary modular office space project for Madison Gas and Electric in partnership with Satellite Shelters.

The "Relocatable Modular Office - Over 10,000 sq. ft." recognition was received for the outstanding architectural, technical innovation, and cost effectiveness achievements made in constructing the 13,680 sq. ft. building.

The goal of the new building was to provide additional office, conference, and training room space within a small site space. The initial site square footage and site design created challenges which were resolved by stacking modules and creating a partial two-story building. In addition to offices and meeting rooms, the building includes restrooms, locker facilities, and a large break room. The building’s exterior was designed to blend with the already existing structures surrounding it to achieve a unifying look on-site.

With the building being temporary, its geographical location caused helical piers to be used on-site due to poor soil conditions and buried materials. With the modules needing to be moved through the downtown area of Madison, Wisconsin logistical challenges were a factor. A plan was developed to move the modules in the order of placement during low traffic times to deliver the modules on-site and achieve the client’s timelines. The building was completed in 124 days with a time savings of 50% to the client.

About the Modular Building Institute (MBI) The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the international nonprofit trade association serving modular construction. As the Voice of Commercial Modular Construction™, MBI's mission is to expand the use of offsite construction through innovative construction practices, outreach, and education to the construction community and customers, and recognition of high-quality modular designs and facilities. For more information on MBI, please visit

About Whitley Manufacturing Whitley Manufacturing, headquartered in South Whitley, Indiana, has been at the forefront of modern automated building systems and accelerated construction for nearly 75 years. Whitley Manufacturing operates four manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. They build permanent, temporary and relocatable structures for a wide range of markets, including education, medical, office, retail, energy storage, and others.


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