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Whitley Takes Home Industry Award for Modular Visitation Center Project 🏆

Whitley Manufacturing Co, Inc. announces its recognition and award at the Modular Building Institute's 2020 World of Modular convention in Orlando, Florida for their efforts on a recent visitation center project, located in Washington, DC in partnership with Modular Genius.

The “Renovated Reuse – Greatest Renovation” award was received by Whitley for its ability to renovate and relocate an already existing two-story turnkey office building within the detention center grounds into a visitation center.

The first floor of the 8 module, 3,880 sq. ft. building was renovated to house 30 video conferencing stations with a centralized guard booth for surveillance purposes of the first floor.

The second floor of the building was reconstructed as an updated office space for detention center sponsored community programs. The floor space features multiple offices, conference areas, and ADA accessible restrooms. The building is located within the grounds of the detention center making security a key factor on-site and adding an additional layer of complexity to the planning and completion of the project.

Utilizing modular construction methods allowed for the project to be completed in an efficient manner bringing time savings and less disruption on-site to the client while working within the unique factors and challenges of this project.


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