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Red Bull

Office Building

Whippany, New Jersey


Building Specs

Location: Romulus, Michigan
Project Type: Permanent Office Building

Key Achievements

- Open web steel roof truss for wide spans and higher load capacity

- All insulation pre-installed: R-21 walls & class A foam in the roof

- Pre-installed utilities reduce  onsite labor requirements

- 45 mil EPDM roofing membrane

The Need

Nearly indiscernible from conventional construction, Whitley Manufacturing’s AtGrade floor-less modular building system delivers a building with a clean, at-grade aesthetic appeal, all without the steps, ramps, and skirting of typical modular building


The Solution

Because of our off-site modern production facility and processes, you’ll enjoy the advantages of an accelerated project time line with immediate time and cost savings. Site preparation and building construction can take place at the same time eliminating the hassle of waiting on contractors, materials or the weather to cooperate. By the time the final project site is prepared, the AtGrade modules will be transported, set atop a site-poured slab foundation, and welded in place. This system is available as a single story or a multi-story building.

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