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multi-story modular office building


Office Building

Bridgman, Michigan


Building Specs

Project Size:  36,480 SQ. FT.

Number of Units: 44 Modules

Location: Bridgman, Michigan
Project Type: Permanent Office Building

Key Achievements

- 85% of construction was finished off-site.

- 50% faster than the conventional schedule.

- Steel Framing consisted of 72% recycled material.

The Need

The Need – AEP (American Electric Power) Cook Nuclear Power Plant was in need of a quick class A office space for their NEST (Nuclear Engineering Services & Technology). The building had to be built quickly with minimal site disruption and blend in with the existing buildings. AEP contacted Satellite Shelters, Inc. Satellite Shelters and Whitley Manufacturing partnered to solve this exciting and challenging opportunity.

The Solution

The Solution: Taking advantage of factory built modular technology, vital site and foundation work could take place simultaneously, reducing the time from design to occupancy. While Satellite Shelters was preparing the premises, Whitley Manufacturing was busy constructing the 2 story modules off-site. The new 36,480 square foot building would require a number of individual offices as well as several wide span offices designed for conference rooms and common areas. Tactical work spaces, such as “emergency response” and engineering offices were developed for large teams that required a flexible configuration.


Whitley Manufacturing’s off-site construction and expedited schedule ensured the office would be stay on schedule. Sixteen weeks after the project got started, 44 modular units arrived on site with all the site preparations made ahead of time. Once Satellite Shelters had all the units in place, the finishing process would begin. Local construction trades performed the mechanical and utility installations as well as the finishing decors (tiles, carpets, exterior facades, etc.). With time still left in their schedule, AEP’s NEST building was move-in-ready.

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