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What is Modular Construction?

Experience the revolutionary construction approach of modular buildings, designed like building blocks assembled in sections. Unlock a multitude of advantages, including accelerated completion times, cost savings, and enhanced flexibility, surpassing traditional construction methods. Explore the limitless possibilities and superior benefits of modular construction for your next project.

2185 Citracado Parkway Escondido California-2.jpg


Environmentally Friendly

Modular construction is environmentally friendly due to its reduced waste generation and improved resource efficiency. By utilizing precise material management and off-site manufacturing, modular construction minimizes construction-related waste while optimizing material usage.


Speed of Build

Modular construction offers unparalleled speed due to its off-site manufacturing process. By concurrently working on site preparation and module fabrication, construction time is significantly reduced, allowing for faster project completion compared to traditional on-site construction methods.



Modular construction provides superior scalability compared to traditional construction. The modular approach allows for easy replication and expansion of modules, enabling projects to be scaled up or down efficiently to meet changing demands or project requirements with minimal disruption and cost.



Modular construction prioritizes safety with its controlled factory environment. By shifting construction activities indoors, it reduces exposure to external hazards and adverse weather conditions, resulting in a safer work environment. Additionally, rigorous quality control measures, ensure that modules are built to strict standards.


Quicker Path To Revenue

Modular construction offers a faster path to revenue generation compared to traditional construction methods. With shorter construction timelines, modular buildings can be completed and occupied sooner, allowing businesses to start generating revenue or utilizing the space for their intended purpose earlier, reducing downtime and maximizing returns on investment.



Modular building components can be disassembled, relocated, and repurposed, allowing for flexibility and adaptability as needs evolve, minimizing waste and extending the lifespan of the building materials. This reusability factor makes modular construction a sustainable and cost-effective choice for long-term use.

Modular Construction Timeline
Design & Engineering
Permits & Approvals
Site Development
Site Restoration
Building Construction
Reduces schedule 30%-50%
Time Savings
Simultaneous site development and building construction saves time

Traditional Construction Timeline

Design & Engineering
Permits & Approvals
Site Development
Building Construction
Site Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is modular construction?

Experience the revolutionary approach to building offices, healthcare centers, schools, and various other structures with modular construction. Utilizing innovative factory techniques, this method enhances quality, minimizes manufacturing time, and optimizes cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional assembly line manufacturing, modular construction leverages economies of scale, boosts worker productivity, and eliminates setbacks caused by adverse weather conditions or vandalism. Discover the unparalleled speed and affordability that modular construction brings to your construction projects.

How do modular buildings look compared to traditional construction?

Modular buildings are probably a common sight in your everyday commute, you just don't notice them. Their exteriors blend seamlessly with other conventional structures, offering a diverse range of architectural styles. With the efficiency of modular construction, you have the opportunity to elevate both the aesthetic appeal of the exterior and the interior decor. Explore our case studies to witness the transformative power of modular construction. View case studies.

Do I need an architect to begin my modular project?

NO Whitley boasts a skilled and dedicated in-house design and engineering team, eliminating the requirement for external architects. Nonetheless, we greatly appreciate the expertise and contributions of architects and actively collaborate with them to deliver exceptional results.

How long does the modular construction process take?

Experience rapid construction timelines with our innovative approach. For simpler buildings, expect a timeline of two to three months, while more complex structures may require additional time. The design phase, color selection, and approval process typically take one to two months. Following that, construction can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity. On-site assembly only takes a few additional days. Our unique advantage allows us to commence construction while you prepare the site, a feat not possible with traditional construction methods. Embrace the efficiency and speed of our approach for your next project.

How big can modular buildings be?

Our modular buildings cater to a wide range of needs, spanning from compact "in-plant" offices to expansive multi-story office complexes exceeding 100,000 square feet. Our portfolio encompasses diverse projects, including schools, office centers, child care facilities, health care centers, MRI labs, airport terminals, and beyond. If you seek a hassle-free solution for your building requirements, we offer an extensive selection of pre-existing floor plans, providing turnkey options tailored to your needs. Explore our extensive range of options to find the perfect fit for your project.

Do modular buildings meet building code?

YES, modular buildings often surpass current building codes, showcasing superior energy efficiency and enhanced weather resistance. Our structures are meticulously designed to meet and exceed ADA requirements, ensuring accessibility for all. Additionally, they adhere to stringent fire safety regulations, prioritizing the well-being and security of occupants. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our cutting-edge modular constructions, providing exceptional performance and compliance with industry standards.

Does transportation of my building eat up savings?

NOPE! When you choose our modular buildings, the transportation cost is included in the initial price quote. Unlike traditional builders, who transport materials and supplies separately to the construction site, our modular structures arrive intact and secure. This key distinction eliminates the risks of theft and vandalism that can plague traditional construction projects, as our buildings are delivered ready for efficient and hassle-free finishing. Enjoy the added convenience and peace of mind that comes with our secure and fully equipped modular buildings.

Can I rearrange or move a modular building?

YES, Each module in our modular buildings serves as a self-contained unit, seamlessly integrating electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and other essential systems. These modules can be swiftly disconnected, with mate lines easily cut, allowing for efficient lifting of the building from its foundation. Once lifted, our specialized trucks transport the building to the next site, where the process is swiftly reversed. This seamless disconnection and reconnection process enables rapid relocation and installation. Additionally, expanding an existing modular building with another section is a faster and more streamlined process compared to conventional construction methods. Embrace the speed and convenience of our modular building solutions for your next project.

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