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Our Services

Design. Production. Setup.

With 75 years of off-site construction experience comes a suite of services and benefits when building with Whitley. All four of our locations across the U.S.A. all carry the same values and wealth of off-site construction knowledge to achieve our clients goals. 

Design Services

Whitley designers have produced thousands of designs for facilities which are in use all over the country. They are experts in state and national code requirements and offer years of experience in modular construction. Let Whitley work closely with your architect to develop a solution to your building needs.

Production Services

With over 330,000 sq. ft. of production floor space, advanced metal fabrication, in house QA, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other services your custom project can be built all within one of our four locations from start to finish.

Building Set/Logistic Services

With our vast network of partners Whitley can introduce you to a set crew for your building no matter the location of job-site. Let us use our experience in recommending the very best for when your building is delivered on-site and prepared to set.

Warranty Services

Whitley starts each project with excellent materials, and quality workmanship. We know we can stand behind our product. If something is to go wrong on a building after delivery we move quickly to make the necessary changes and or repairs. 

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