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Homeless Transition Campus

 Seattle, Washington 

Our Whitley Evergreen facility was given the opportunity to assist King County and Catholic Housing in providing a campus comprised of numerous modular...

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Hawaii Affordable Housing 

 Waianae, Hawaii 

The affordable housing village is located in the town of Wainane on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  The village was built using state-of-the art...


Fire House & Community Cntr.

 Browns Hills, New Jersey 

Utilizing Whitley's patented UpGrade Clear Span System for the apparatus bay and traditional modules for the community center...

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UpGrade Fire Station

 Washington, DC 

Modular Genius partnered with Whitley Manufacturing to provide a two story firehouse meeting all the needs of the busy station...

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Fort McCoy Military Ops

 Fort McCoy, Wisconsin 

The Military Operations in Urban Training (MOUT) at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, include a mix of terrain and structures that more accurately...

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Military Comms Shelter


American Manufactured Structures and Services (AMSS) was selected to provide global communication systems for the military...

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