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Custom Modular Mechanical & Communication Enclosures

Modular enclosures made for your specific purpose.

Get the right enclosure for your valuable infrastructure and equipment. Let Whitley utilize its experience and modular construction processes to create the most efficient, cost effective, and durable enclosure possible.

Built for you 

Concrete, steel, wood, or container based.

Whitley is capable of manufacturing enclosures comprised of numerous materials. From concrete, steel, and modified ISO containers, Whitley can build your next enclosure to the custom specs you set. 

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All under one roof

Our in-house services

Metal Fabrication

Custom in-house metal fabrication ensures precise manufacturing of your enclosure.


Experienced with numerous material types and specific plumbing equipment integration. 


Whitley provides in-house electrical services to meet the unique needs of your custom enclosure.


Low voltage and data line needs? We have you covered. 

Fire Suppression

Protect your valuable equipment and have peace of mind with our in-house fire suppression services. 

Heating and Cooling

Custom engineered heating and cooling plans with equipment integration. 

Metal Pipes

equipped for 


In-house Equipment Integration

Allow Whitley to integrate your specific and complex equipment into your custom enclosure maximizing efficiency for your project. Or, allow us to deliver your enclosure to your preferred equipment integrator. 



Whitley is experienced in not only modular construction, but also in  building in some of the most extreme places on earth. From high snow load, seismic areas, hurricane zones, to high wind areas and many more. 



Just say where.

Whitley is capable of shipping to all 50 states and internationally. Work with our team and your preferred logistics provider or allow us to work with our logistics network to safely deliver your custom enclosure. 

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Learn more about our custom Enclosures

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Mechanical Enclosures

Communication Shelters

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cable landing stations

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Energy Storage


Let's build.

or call 260-723-5131
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