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Cancer Institute

Building Specs:

Building Use: Temporary Radiation Clinic

Project Size: 6,000 sq. ft.

Number of Units: 6 modules (clinical space. + vault

Location: Ballard, Washington

SCI Ballard -3.jpg

Temporary use with a

permanent look

Swedish Cancer Institute Temporary Radiotherapy Clinic

Whitley in partnership with RAD Technology Medical Systems  built a temporary radiotherapy clinic for the Swedish Cancer institute located in Ballard, Washington. 

Building floor plan includes

- office space

- waiting and reception area

- ADA compliant restrooms

- radiotherapy vault

- exam rooms

- dosimetry room

- control and server room




Temporary Function + Design

Swedish Cancer Institute approached Whitley with the challenge of creating a temporary radiotherapy clinic that had a compelling design, houses all the features and amenities of a permanent facility, and would be built with modular construction principles to save time and money for the overall project.

The building will support patients of Swedish Cancer Institute and ensure a safe and secure radiotherapy environment for both staff and patient.


SCI Ballard -2.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 9.12.41 AM.png
 Radiotherapy Vault 
SCI Ballard -4.jpg



Experience + Top Notch Design

Located in a tight worksite traditional construction would have been limited in numerous ways when trying to utilize heavy equipment.  

Using Whitley's experience in modular construction the building was able to be built in Whitley's Marysville, Washington facility located 35 minutes from the work site allowing logistic costs to be minimal. 

Whitley's modular design and construction experience in partnership with RAD's experience in radiotherapy clinics allowed for the building to be built, delivered, and in use in record time. 




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