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COVID-19 Response Campus

Howe Academy Press Box

Detroit, Michigan

Project Info:


Detroit, Michigan

Project size; 144 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 1

Detroit, Michigan

Located east of South Bend, Howe Military has long been the Indiana high
school of choice for students preparing for West Point, the Citadel or one of
the other military universities. Unfortunately, some tough times had descended upon the school and its sports facilities were in need of modernization and repair.

Building includes:

- room for broadcasting equipment and up to 10 broadcasting staff.



Howe’s sports program needed a boost. It had long taken a second position behind academics and personal development. Bleachers were dilapidated and there were no facility for press coverage or video coverage of events.

Funding from a combination of sources allowed Howe to move ahead. They demanded a building that would be inexpensive, durable and relatively maintenance free



The solution was a small building which would seat eight to ten observers and reporters. The roof, exterior cladding, door and windows were all designed to save Howe money over
the years. Construction, set up and trim were completed with the twelve week lead time.


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