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COVID-19 Response Campus

U of Chicago Press Box

Chicago, Illinois

Project Info:


Chicago, Illinois

Project size: 432 sq. ft.

Number of modules: 1

Chicago, Illinois

There are few more prominent names in the early history of football than
Amos Alonzo Stagg, and we are proud to be even so distantly associated with
the University of Chicago where Stagg initiated so many of the foundations of
modern football. The University of Chicago is now one of America’s great
universities with many international honors, especially for its school of economics.

Building includes:



Despite their early pedigree in American football, the University had a very rudimentary athletic field and stadium. But, they had a growing athletic program, including competitive sport.

They needed comfort for spectators as well as for reporters and observers. They were also very price conscious and demanded a building that would not soon require repair and would be relatively maintenance free.



A new bleacher system to seat some 400 people was capped with a 12 x 36 press box complete with an observation deck, modern electronic systems, comfortable climate control
systems and an attractive exterior. It was built to be durable and low maintenance.


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