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USC Press Box

Los Angeles, California

With Whitley's extensive knowledge in modular construction, and Sightlnes Inc. helping to head the project with their un-matched experience in press boxes. The perfect partnership was created to fulfill the needs of The university of Southern California to provide a temporary press box building while they continued working on stadium renovations.

Number of Modules:


Total Square Footage:


Building Features

The 95-year-old complex was undergoing an extensive two-year renovation to update the fan experience as well as build a completely new press box and luxury suites. During the renovation, the landmark needed to continue to host a rigorous schedule of events and had to remain fully functional.

The renovation began immediately following the final football game in 2017, but the new press boxes would not be ready until the 2019-2020 season, so the LA Coliseum commission needed a fully functioning, stylish, and quick delivery solution for the 2018-2019 season. The Commission turned to Sightlines Inc., one of Whitley’s distributors for a solution.


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