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Shipping Hub

Orlando, Florida


Building Specs

Location: Orlando, Florida
Project Type: Military Communications Shelter

Project Size: 20,000 SQ. FT

Number of Units: 41 UpGrade Modules

Key Facts

- Ballistic proof

- Full steel construction

- security and clean agent systems installed

The Need

A Major shipping company is rapidly expanding in its Southern markets. It’s capacity must keep up with demand. To keep business functions uninterrupted, much of the construction would need to be off-site. The building must meet all local and state codes and wind zone requirements. And, to remain flexible for future planning, it needs to be relocatable.

The Solution

The 20,000 ft2 building would utilize the Whitley Manufacturing UpGrade building system, a similar design to the previous New Hampshire shipping center. The UpGrade can be designed to withstand the elements of an extreme range of climates. Ceiling heights reach up to 24 ft., and can be delivered as one complete component. It achieves this by a patented design which allows the walls to fold under the roof section and delivered on a flat bed trailer. Once delivered, the modules were crane lifted, bolted down to the slab and finished. Only a matter of a four days passed from a bare concrete slab, to a finished, weather tight building

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