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Mechanical Equipment Enclosure



Building Specs

Location: relocatable/permanent
Building Type: Mechanical Enclosure

Markets served include:

• Communications

• Education

• Government

• Health Care

• Industrial

• IT - Data Bases

• Battery Storage

• Cable Landing Stations


Whitley Manufacturing custom designs and builds modular mechanical enclosures to meet your specifications in a variety of applications. Our manufacturing environment limits risk, shortens the project schedule and improves quality when compared to traditional field constructed systems. For ease of equipment installation, the enclosure can be shipped in two sections: the base frame, or skid base, and a drop over lid module (walls and roof). The base is engineered and fabricated specifically to fit your equipment. Once you’ve installed the equipment, the lid section is lowered into place and fastened to the base to complete the building. Constructed from high strength materials such as heavy gauge steel and concrete floors, the structure will protect expensive equipment from weather, theft and vandalism. In turn, the noncombustible materials protect nearby buildings and property in the event of a fire.

Unique Benefits

• Skid bases engineered and fabricated specifically for your equipment

• Class A spray foam insulation in floor

• Heavy gauge steel framed walls

• Commercial steel ext. cladding

• Densglass sheathing

• EPDM rubber membrane roof

• Commercial steel door

• EMT wiring

• Controlled costs

• Relocatable

• Optional: Sound attenuating walls, doors, windows are installed and tested.

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