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Radiotherapy Vault



Building Specs

Location: Relocatable
Project Type: Portable Radiotherapy Vault

Project Size: 1,600 SQ. FT.

Number of Units: 4 modules

Key Achievements

- Complex & technical systems installed and tested at Whitley facility

- 45 Days to complete facility

The Need

RAD selected Whitley Manufacturing for the construction of their TRV vault and clinic space. Placing a vault with a pre-commissioned linear accelerator and clinical space on-site in a matter of days was going to be challenging. In addition, the TRV is designed for short-term applications and needed to be relocatable.

The Solution

RAD’s specialty foundation system requires no slab, saving millions of pounds of concrete. The TRV is composed of four primary modules (built off-site by Whitley Mfg.) which are transported to the project site and quickly set in place. Prefabricated supporting structures are placed atop the primary modules allowing finishing and equipment installation to take place. The exterior has a modern, clean look with a gleaming aluminum composite panel (ACM) wall cladding system. The interior features a graceful, curving reception area with material selections and color palettes imparting a theme of soothing natural tones. Interior materials were selected for their suitability in the health care environment and are resistant to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

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