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Beverage Chain 

Atlanta, Georgia


Building Specs

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Project Type: Permanent Retail Location

Project Size: 600 SQ. FT.

Key Achievements

- Steel framing consisted of 72% recycled material

- Minimal disruption to busy shopping center

- Finished with 2 1/2 times less waste than traditional building

- 50% faster than a conventional building

The Need

Looking to grow their franchise rapidly while maintaining its brand identity, the iconic beverage retailer looked for methods to build their stores with strict adherence to their vision. It was also important to have no disruptions to the busy shopping center where their store was to be located. So, they turned to Kitchens to Go for direction.

The Solution

Kitchens to Go is the industry leader in mobile kitchen and modular kitchen solutions. And with this opportunity, they called upon their strategic partner, Whitley Manufacturing, to build the structure. Store design and branding elements were given meticulous attention as materials, fixtures and colors were kept within specs. And to ensure all this came together seamlessly prior to delivery, the entire store with all the finishing details (equipment included) were staged at the Whitley Manufacturing facility. Once everything was approved by KTG and the client, the two units were disassembled and prepped for shipping. Before leaving Whitley Manufacturing, the store was approximately 90% complete. The modules arrived on site and were set on a prepped and ready foundation. Once the last few remaining details were finished, the store was ready for business.

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