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Hospital ER

Omak, Washington


Building Specs

Location: Omak, Washington
Project Type: Emergency Room

Project Size: 3,365 SQ. FT.

Number of Units: 3 modules

Key Achievements

- Project time line reduced by months compared to      conventional building

-Custom designed to meet customer specifications, state & local codes

The Need

The hospital needed to expand E. R. capacity beyond what was offered by the existing building (built in 1974). They also needed to provide secure entry to the E. R., add clean / dirty utility areas, offer triage services, increase patient privacy, and provide additional capacity. For this technically demanding health care project, the hospital selected WilliamsScotsman who partnered with Whitley-Evergreen to construct the facility.

The Solution

The modular solution would allow for the hospital to be open and operational months earlier than conventional construction, while only minimally disrupting on-going operations at the existing facility. In addition, the building needed to have a modern aesthetic that blended with the existing hospital, which was supplied through an EIFS exterior cladding system with a geometrical groove pattern installed by Williams-Scotsman at the site. High-end finishes including gliding aluminum framed glass panel doors greet visitors to the new Emergency Room and the hospital’s rigorous technical and aesthetic needs were all accommodated in the finished facility. The customer’s needs were met with the addition of E. R., triage, and trauma rooms, further expanding Mid-Valley Hospital’s capacity

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