Cancer Center 

San Diego, California


Building Specs

Location: San Diego, California
Project Type: Cancer Radiation Facility

Project Size:  16,000 SQ. FT.

Number of Units: 27 Modules

Key Achievements

- Significantly less waste compared to conventional building

- Project completed in 7 months

The Need

University of California San Diego was looking to add state-of-the-art medical linear accelerator and radiotherapy equipment to offer the latest advances in radiation therapy to their patients. The client contacted the dealer, seeking a facility solution using their patented Pro System vault, equipment, and office space.

The Solution

The vault, clinical, and office space were all constructed off-site and on an accelerated timeline. The units comprising the vault housing the radiotherapy equipment and the clinical space were fabricated in Indiana by Whitley Manufacturing and shipped to southern California. The building uses custom-fabricated steel framing and proprietary radiation shielding methods. Inside, the building is finished with technically demanding systems and shielding.

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