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University Hospital

Medical Center

Cleveland, Ohio


Building Specs

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Project Type: Temporary Medical Center

Project Size: 12,648 SQ. FT.

Number of Units: 15 modules

Key Achievements

- 7 months from start to finish

- Client saved over 30% in time savings compared to traditional building methods

The Need

RAD selected Whitley Manufacturing for the construction of their TRV vault and clinic space. Placing a vault with a pre-commissioned linear accelerator and clinical space on-site in a matter of days was going to be challenging. In addition, the TRV is designed for short-term applications and needed to be relocatable.

The Solution

The single-story L-shaped facility was designed by Innovative Modular Solutions & CBLH Design to complement the surrounding environment, maintain the flow of the campus and provide functionality. The building is set on a permanent, grade-level foundation and will be relocated and re-purposed as the hospital grows. The building features high-grade materials for ease of maintenance and to maintain the hospital campus’ requirements for safety, security and emergency preparedness (for instance, institutional grade doors and hardware are utilized throughout). Through modular construction methods, the client yielded a savings of over 30% compared to urban site construction costs.

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