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Retail Location

Fort Wayne, Indiana


Building Specs

Location: Indiana
Project Type: Permanent Franchise Retail Location

Project Size: 1,820 SQ. FT.

Number of Units: 2 Modules

Key Achievements

- 85% of construction was finished off-site.

- Saved man hours and excessive building material waste.

- No disruption to the retail business activities around  construction site.

The Need

Requiring a rapid way to grow their franchise development program, Domino’s turned to Innovative Modular Solutions (IMS) for answers. The goal: implement their new Pizza Theater design for its emerging restaurants and have them operational faster than a conventional build. Partnering with Whitley Manufacturing was the obvious choice for IMS. They could count on Whitley’s accelerated manufacturing process as well as their ability to engineer and build a well thought-out structure with visual appeal.

The Solution

Through a cooperative team effort, Whitley Manufacturing, IMS and Dominos worked together to design a structure that would be flexible, functional and efficient. Their design would work in both new markets and existing market rebuilds. While Whitley Manufacturing constructed 85% of the building, IMS was preparing the site and foundation. To further help save time, most of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing fixtures were pre-installed at the Whitley plant. Approximately 10 weeks later, the modules were delivered. This left setting and finishing-out the modules and installing the equipment. In a matter of a couple more weeks, Dominos was preparing their store and employees for its Grand Opening.

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