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COVID-19 Response Campus

Homeless Transition Campus

Seattle, Washington

Immediate need, quick deployment.

Elliot Avenue Homless Transitioning Campus

Our Whitley Evergreen facility was given the opportunity to assist King County and Catholic Housing in providing a campus comprised of numerous modular buildings to assist in helping those transitioning from homelessness.


During the manufacturing of the project the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the United States and in the height of the pandemic in Seattle, Washington, King County pivoted the center to not only assist those transitioning from homelessness but to also protect vulnerable individuals on the street from COVID-19.

Project Info:

Location: Seattle, Washington

Total square footage: 13,000 sq. ft. 

Number of modules: 16 

Campus Includes:

- nine dorm room units (each unit sleeps 8)

- two  restroom/shower buildings (10 single restrooms)

- administrative offices

- clinic spaces

- common area spaces

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Purpose in every unit.

Our Whitley Evergreen facility built each unit in house in their Marysville, Washington location. With the help and assistance of The Government of King County Whitley Evergreen was guided to ensure the necessary needs of the overall campus and restrictions and requirements per social distancing were included in the overall project

Dormitory Units

With multiple dormitory units the campus is able to house up to 72 people.

(click on a unit to look inside)

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Total square footage


Buildings on campus


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Common Area Unit

Kitchen space, and meeting space for the campus. Includes private meeting space and common area.


Office Unit

Features five private offices in each unit.

Pre-installed electrical, low voltage wiring.


Restroom/Shower Unit

Two restroom units provide ten single stall restrooms, and eight individual shower on campus.




Quick Deployment + Quality

With the project changing in some aspects and needing to be deployed sooner than anticipated, Whitley Evergreen needed to have all buildings on site by March 31, 2020 after being notified on March 23, 2020.

The homeless transition campus is a pilot test for King County to see if modular buildings are a way to combat the problem of homelessness in the King County area and be able to move the campus to areas around the city with higher demand if need be. The overall building needed to be able to accomodate the needs of both staff and tenants as well as being designed in a way that would allow for durability if it was to be moved to another location later in the buildings life.




Experience + Quality

With a tight timeline and in the midst of a pandemic Whitley Evergreen was able to deliver all buildings on site within 2 weeks of notification from the King County Government. 

in addition to this, all buildings were set by April 4, 2020 meeting all deadlines and ensuring that the building could open sooner to meet the demands of the homeless within King County. 

Utilizing Whitley Evergreen's tremendous experience with modular construction, quick and efficient project management the project ended up meeting all criteria needed for King County.

“While we were striving to help King County put in place a critical piece of homeless transitioning for people in the Seattle area, we were also helping fellow team members by providing employment so that they could have a better chance for a productive and successful life.  The compassion of the people who work for Whitley-Evergreen is evident in the quality buildings we build and knowing we can make a difference in other people’s lives. Having an impact in and around our community is what makes this project even that more special to us.”


Alan Duer

General Manager, Whitley Evergreen

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