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Methodist Midlothian
Hospital Mechanical Building

Building Specs:

Project size: 6,451 sq. ft.

Percentage completed in factory: 90%

Location: Midlothian, Texas

Number of modules: 12


Industrial Purpose 

with design in mind.

Methodist Midlothian Hospital Mechanical Building

Whitley worked with Systecon to create a mechanical building to house the numerous pieces of crucial equipment needed to run the Methodist Midlothian Hospital in Midlothian, Texas.The modular built mechanical building is comprised of 12 modules and features six rooms all housing various pieces of mechanical equipment. This mechanical building was completed to 90% with all electrical and plumbing pre-installed allowing for a quick and easy site install of the building.



Function + Efficiency

Building a mechanical building for Midlothian Hospital demanded a tight timeline and as minimal disruption to operations a s possible to ensure the safety of individuals onsite as well as maintaining normal operating hours for the hospital.





Minimal Disruption + Cost Effectiveness

Whitley and Systecon were able to design, manufacture, and set a mechanical building that was 90% completed off-site and easily set into place and tied into the site utilities.



With pre-installed electrical and plumbing it made it easy to install on-site the remaining equipment within the building to cut down on time and site disruption.




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