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Bremerton Development Center

Ballard, Washington

Taking care of our nations finest.

Bremerton Development Center


Ballard, Washington

Square Footage: 9,975 sq. ft.

Number of Modules: 12

Naval Base Kitsap asked our Whitley Evergreen facility to construct a child development center for the service men and women. With the building being on an active military base site disruption needed to be mitigated to allow for normal functions to take place on base.

Key Achievements:

- Earned the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Silver Certification

- Minimized disruption to base activities and normal functions



Timelines + Quality

Naval Base Kitsap needed to construct the Bremerton Child Development Center (CDC) to serve (64) children; (16) infants, (20) pre-toddlers, and (28) toddlers. The building is intended for military personnel on the base.



Efficiency + Expertise

Whitley Evergreen (Marysville, Washington) partnered with Advanced Technology Construction (ATC) to complete the CDC. But, first, there were two significant challenges for this project; restricted access to the job site and strict requirements for the USGBC LEED Silver certification. But, this would not be unfamiliar territory for either Whitley Evergreen or ATC. Despite challenges from the poor soil conditions, there was little effect on the construction schedule. The work continued indoors uninterrupted from the weather. Once the modules were delivered and set, ATC constructed the pitched roof and made final finishes on site. The completed building features an attractive design, sustainable finishes and efficient systems.


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