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Cesar Chavez School

Detroit, Michigan

A space to learn, grow, and achieve.

Cesar Chavez School


Detroit, Michigan

Square Footage: 35,000 sq. ft.

Number of Modules: 28

Key Achievements:

- 8 month construction time
- Two stories and over 30,000 sq. ft.
- Recessed lockers in hallways to accommodate for more hallway space.



Efficiency + Design

Cesar-Chavez is a new charter school formed in Detroit. The charter serves a predominantly Latino population base and was formed to instill a sense of community, as well as encouraging academic and social pride amongst an at risk youth population



Experience + Purpose

In February of 2005, the Cesar Chavez School saw an opportunity. They were paying high rent for space in a poorly retrofitted warehouse. They wanted an alternative that would provide a prime educational setting within the span of a few short months. Initially, they doubted that modular construction could provide the modern aesthetic that their urban surroundings. Our distributor (Innovative Modular Solutions), told the Chavez board, to their surprise, that a new building could be ready in time for the fall semester. A new school would save a year’s rent and could be custom designed to facilitate their unique educational goals. In a few short years, the building would have paid for itself in rent savings alone. The presentation drawings prepared by Whitley and Lee Stevens Architects allowed the board to “see” their new building and modify it to best suit their needs. The building now evokes pride in the neighborhood and in children who attend the gleaming facility.


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