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COVID-19 Response Campus

Dennis Haley Public School

Roslindale, Massachusetts

Quick space, superb quality.

Dennis Haley Public School


Roslindale, Massachusetts

Square Footage: 7,797 sq. ft.

Number of Modules: 18

Key Achievements:

- Steel framing consisted of 72% recycled material.
- Finished with two and a half times less waste when compared to traditional building.



Conservation + Timeline

The City of Boston Public Schools requested a proposal from Triumph Modular for a complete turn-key construction and installation of a classroom addition to an existing structure. The building would be occupied by middle school students, each classroom to accommodate 28 students, utility rooms, office suite, corridor, foyer, associated restrooms and custom glass connecting corridor. The addition needed to fit seamlessly with the façade of the existing structure.



Efficiency + Knowledge

The exterior finishes of custom fiber cement and specialized trim matches the color and design of the existing facility. A new fully enclosed custom glass connecting foyer and corridor was added between the existing facility and new construction. Exterior ramps with deck and handrails are constructed in accordance with the ADA and Massachusetts Architectural Board. Modular construction was selected as the ideal solution to complete this project on schedule with minimal disruption to the existing school campus. And before the scheduled start date arrived, the city was proud to welcome their students back to their new facility.


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