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Evans-Kimmel Hall

Fort Wayne, Indiana

An incredible timeline for an incredible campus.

Evans-Kimmel Hall


Fort Wayne, Indiana

Square Footage: 21,000 sq. ft.

Number of Modules: 25

Key Achievements:

- Dormitory was constructed over the summer and was ready for the fall semester.
- Reduced overall construction timeline by 40%



Timeline + Quality

Indiana Institute of Technology serves over 4,000 students from around the world. The school, located in downtown Fort Wayne, IN, is known for programs in mathematics, engineering and science, but offers a well-regarded liberal arts program as well. In the past decade, the school has undergone rapid growth. The school’s continued growth meant that they needed to expand aggressively to continue providing housing services to their students. Budget, time line and aesthetics were all factors
in their decision.



Details + Experience

In 2004, Indiana Institute of Technology had hired Whitley to construct the three story Rogers-Yergens Hall. The accelerated pace of modular construction delivered a building in a fraction of the time, allowing the school to offer new housing that Fall, rather than the following semester. A similar situation occurred with Evans-Kimmel Hall. Whitley Manufacturing was able to build, set and finish the four-story building, planned by Design Collaborative, over the summer recess. The accelerated construction process offered the school an additional semester of revenue and a new housing facility to attract new students. The building features a modern design with semi-private living quarters that today’s student demands.


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