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COVID-19 Response Campus

Old Redford Academy

Detroit, Michigan

No sacrifice to design and architecture.

Old Redford Academy


Detroit, Michigan

Square Footage: 17,640 sq. ft.

Number of Modules: 9

Key Achievements:

- Masonry exterior match facade of adjacent historic building.
- On site waste reduced by 50%.
- 25% timeline reduction: moved in months earlier without sacrificing quality.



Multi-story + Finishes

A repeat customer of Whitley Manufacturing, Old Redford Academy (ORA) chose to partner again with Innovative Modular Solutions to construct a two story, masonry-clad addition to their existing permanent modular school.



Experience + Details

As with all of ORA facilities, the design, finishes and specifications needed to reflect the schools’ commitment to excellence, quality, and sustainability. The building is framed with high recycled content steel with cementitious sub-floors poured on-site. Ceramic and quarry tile wainscot clads the walls in hallways and classrooms with full-height ceramic tiling in the restrooms. A reflective white “cool roof” membrane covers the roof and improves energy efficiency. The highly efficient HVAC system installed features ERV units to recover energy, CO2 sensors, and HCFC-free refrigerants to ensure healthy indoor air. Occupancy sensors are incorporated into the lighting system to reduce energy waste, as well.


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