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Shoreline Music Classrooms

Shoreline, Washington

Music to the ears.

Shoreline Music Classrooms


Shoreline, Washington

Square Footage: 3,320 sq. ft.

Number of Modules: 8

Key Achievements:

- Completed in only 94 days.
- Factory-built pitched roof & clerestory windows.
- Building was optimized for acoustical performance.



Acoustics + Quality

The Shoreline School District of Washington State was expanding their music education program offerings and was in need of facilities to accommodate the expanded program.



Engineering + Efficiency

The school wanted to provide facilities that provided an upscale aesthetic appearance but retained flexibility for relocation or expansion should their demographics + enrollment change.

The buildings utilized a combination of standard modular construction and factory-built pitched roof sections and clerestory windows to enhance daylighting and interior volume. The building’s feature a solid floor structure composed of strategically supported cement board. The vertical spaces in the classrooms were also designed to optimize acoustics for the music programs to be housed within. The building’s also feature a unique site-finished front entry canopy that is an extension of the factory built roof sections. The building’s feature a grade-level entry that eliminates steps & ramps. All eight buildings utilize a similar board and batten exterior with a variety of color schemes that blend seamlessly with the existing campus structures.


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